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Soldering Auto Visual-Inspection Unit


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UV LED machine

Video Microscope (DS-3N) (for use with TV)

PC Microscope (DS-3N-USB) (for use with TV/PC) 410K pixels

USB2.0 Microscope (DS-3UX-3) (for use with PC) 2.0M pixels

PC Microscope (DS-300) (for use with PC) 2.0M pixels with zoom

Stage (DS-XYS Stand)

Calibration Stand (DSM-Stand25)

Flexible Stand (DS-Flexible Stand)

Soldering Inspection Microscope (MS-1000) (for use with PC/TV)

Soldering Auto Visual-Inspection Unit(MS5000)




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Soldering Inspection Video Microscope(for use with PC/TV) MS-1000

Soldering Auto Visual-Inspection Unit
「MS5000」 (Patent Pending)

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  • Abnormal shapes of BGA soldered balls are distinguished by image data processing. and their results are calculated as numeric data.
  • After you set the substrate and click Start, the unit moves to the specified point at a fixed speed and pitch.
  • The unit is able to inspect the difference in the height of BGA soldering after a chip is mounted onto a substrate and then to store the difference data to a PC. As a result, you are able to know the inclination of a package.
  • You can inspect the soldered state of a package and separating them into OK and NG packages by graphically inspecting the following:
    - the height of the ball soldering
    - the interval between the balls
    - the shape of the balls
  • The camera automatically moves to the NG part when you click the NG part data for your visual confirmation.

First set and register the camera position and the image processing parameters corresponding to the device. You can store up to 50 kinds of devices.

  • The camera position can be manually set by looking at the camera image. You must input the ball pitch, the number of balls, and the interval between the balls to be inspected.
  • Since you can set multiple parts for inspection at once, you can save a lot of inspection time.
  • You can register the area enclosed by a red square as a template, and search for similar shapes to be measured.
  • The image and data can be stored. You can store the image and data as a microscope image and data by adjusting the lighting on the microscope.

  • The parts outside the range on the Inspection Result List are displayed in red. You can inspect the image of the part by clicking the red part. You can also set the unit so that it automatically stores an image of a defective part.
  • Before you start the measurement of the BGA package, set the special prism on the microscope. The maximum width of the prism is about 45 mm and the minimum width is about 5mm. You can use three types of prisms depending on the thickness of the BGA package. The thinnest prism can be installed to a BGA package with only a space of 0.5 mm.

With Camera Lighting
Without Camera Lighting
2D X-Ray
Normal ball
Abnormal ball – weak soldering

Difficult to differentiate between normal and abnormal ball
A problem in alignment
The abnormally standing balls are easily recognizable
The light and dark shadings are slightly shifted
A partial bridge
Defective alignment

With Camera Lighting
Without Camera Lighting
2D X-Ray
Height data Noticeable Noticeable Unnoticeable
Observation time Short Short Short
Void Unnoticeable   Difficult to notice
Crack Difficult to notice Unnoticeable Unnoticeable
Soldering surface Noticeable Unnoticeable Unnoticeable

The Specification

MS5000 ASS
MS5000 ASM
Main body specifications:
Range of motion
250 x 250mm 400 x 400mm
Maximum speed
Optical specifications:
CCD 640 x 480
Telecentric Lens agnification
x 1.5
Range of view
3.2 x 4.2mm
Measurable package size
5 - 45mm corner
Minimum measurable ball diameter
About 70 microns
Minimum prism insertion space
0.5 mm (balls less than 0.3 mm)
PC specifications:
Windows XP
Pentium 1.8GHz
System memory
Control specifications:
Drive system
Pulse motor
Operation method
Number of control axes
4 Simultaneous axis
Control speed setting
1 - 1000mm/sec
※ We will accept your request for change of specification (in-line type etc.).




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